“If you can breathe you can do this yoga.”

No yoga experience is necessary. Easy to practice anytime & anywhere. No special equipment or yoga clothes needed. Learn breathing, focus, meditation and relaxation techniques.

Yoga For Ageless Seniors

Yoga for Ageless Seniors

Paperback or Kindle eBook

An inspirational, practical and fun way to add simple yoga techniques to your life. It is about designing your life to increase your strength, balance, and resilience. This motivating book is based on five powerful yoga techniques that you can do anytime and anywhere. It is all about listening to your body, mind, and spirit guiding you towards healthy choices for the rest of your life. This is a call to action to live your best life ever.
Chocolate Yoga Cover

Chocolate Yoga, A System of Yoga Techniques

Paperback or Kindle eBook

Chocolate Yoga is all about the ability to live more in the moment. It can best be described as a sense of peace. It is that first bit of chocolate, that first sip of wine, that first bite of ice cream, that first kiss — it is so wonderful — we want more! It can best be described as a sense of peace.
Chocolate Yoga Action Workbook

The Chocolate Yoga Action Workbook


This workbook is dedicated to all of us who are looking for more Chocolate Yoga moments, lightness and fun in our lives today.
I wrote this Action Workbook with the intention that it will inspire you to take a deep breath and honestly look at what is blocking you from taking the next steps in your life. This collection of exercises are based on the principles outlined in my book, Chocolate Yoga.

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