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Manage your Stress = Manage your Weight!

Manage your Weight = Manage your Stress!

Chocolate Yoga, It Works!

Chocolate Yoga is based on the idea that stress and weight issues are flip sides of the same coin. If you manage your stress, you will be able to manage your weight issues! Chocolate Yoga will give you a lifetime of pleasure, health & happiness.

No yoga experience is necessary.
Easy to practice anytime & anywhere.
No special equipment or yoga clothes needed.
Learn breathing, focus, meditation and relaxation techniques.

It's ALL in Chocolate Yoga and Chocolate Yoga Action Workbook.


Podcast 62, December 4, 2014
at Dr. David M. Madow's website: Slice Your Age

Chocolate Yoga for Stress and Weight Management
"What does our guest Margaret Chester mean when she teaches how Chocolate Yoga not only helps with stress and weight management, but nurtures the mind, body and spirit as well?"

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