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The Joy and Pleasure List

There will always be chores in our life, even getting out of bed in the morning when we've had a rough night can be difficult. And then there is the image of our youth: all the activities and things that we could do in one day are no longer realistic. Instead of being depressed and upset: why not shift your energy? Before we go any further, write down ten activities that you love to do. No one pays you to do these things, you do them simply because they give you pleasure and joy.

Here's a sample of my list today (it changes with the seasons):

  1. Reading books and magazines.
  2. Walking by myself or with a friend.
  3. Calling a good friend or family member just because I am thinking about them.
  4. Writing or drawing in my journal or sketchbook.
  5. Napping (with a book or a cup of tea).
  6. Sending notes to friends and family via email or snail mail.
  7. Giving something away. I always keep a donation box in the garage.
  8. Making a cup of tea or coffee.
  9. Rearranging a drawer or closet space.
  10. Sitting and staring out the window. Watching birds, squirrels, or even just staring at the clouds in the sky is especially relaxing.

NOTE: When you finish writing your list, choose one activity and do it right now. Be sure to do at least one thing on your joy and pleasure list every day.

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