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Welcome to the Yoga For Ageless Seniors book

If you can breathe, you can do this yoga.
Start with where you are now.

Yoga For Ageless Seniors is an inspirational, practical and fun way to add simple yoga techniques to your life. It is not about standing on your head or folding yourself into a pretzel. It is about designing your life to increase your strength, balance, and resilience. This motivating book is based on five powerful yoga techniques that you can do anytime and anywhere. It discusses preparing for the last chapter of your life: having end-of-life conversations – literally getting your house in order – and the reality of death and dying.

Margaret Chester incorporates ancient yoga techniques with a modern twist. All these techniques are portable and can be done lying in bed, sitting in a chair, or walking from one room to another. In fact, once you play with these ideas, you will see opportunities to practice wherever you are.

This yoga system is all about listening to your body, mind, and spirit guiding you towards healthy choices for the rest of your life. This is a manifesto – a call to action –– to live your best life ever.

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The Five Elements: Daily Prescriptions

ELEMENT ONE: The Power of Breathing: Breath is Life

ELEMENT TWO: Creating Internal Energy: Lifting the Spirit Within

ELEMENT THREE: Gazing In & Out: Connecting the Inside with the Outside

ELEMENT FOUR: Movement 24/7: Anytime & Anywhere
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ELEMENT FIVE: Rest & Relaxation: The Icing on the Cake

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And an Appendix full of helpful ideas including:

  • Rx: Easy Does It Click here for Mini-Movements
  • Rx: 10 Quick Energy Infusions
  • Rx: Mini-Meditation
  • Yoga Rx: Chair Yoga
    1. Release Eye Fatigue
    2. Neck and Shoulder Stretches
    3. Hand and Wrist Stretches
    4. Releasing Jaw Tension
    5. Feet and Ankle Stretches
    6. Lower Back Stretches
  • Rx: Unfinished Business
  • Rx: Angst
  • Rx: The Conversation – End-of-Life Topics (Click here for more info)
  • Rx: Checklist for Organizing Your Personal Information
  • Rx: Understanding Grief – The Index Card Exercise
  • Yoga For Ageless Seniors
    Daily Prescriptions for Increasing Strength, Balance & Resilience.

    by Margaret Chester, MPH, RYT

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