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Welcome to The Chocolate Yoga Action Workbook

This workbook is dedicated to all of us who are looking for more Chocolate Yoga moments, lightness and fun in our lives today.

I wrote this Action Workbook with the intention that it will inspire you to take a deep breath and honestly look at what is blocking you from taking the next steps in your life. This collection of exercises are based on the principles outlined in my book, Chocolate Yoga: A System of Yoga Techniques for Stress and Weight Management That Will Nurture Your Body, Mind and Spirit.

Moving toward your goals is like hiking up a mountain. The journey is often rocky, windy, rainy and hard. However the views and insights that you will gain and be able to share with others are absolutely priceless. This workbook is divided into six sections. Each section includes five ACTION exercises and an optional exercise. Please remember that there is no sacred order to any of the sections or exercises. Feel free to mix, match, add or change any suggestions in this workbook to reflect where you are today.

If you can breathe you can do this yoga.

Introduction: Chocolate Yoga — The Key
Draw how are you feeling right now.
Draw how you would like to feel right now.
Stress Circles
Bliss Circles
The Hand to Heart Connection

The Breath — Connecting the Body & the Mind
The Lion Posture
Hands to Heart Center
Walk Tall
Eye of the Storm: Using your breath to deal with the stress of others
Using the Breath: Dealing with my own stress issues.

Energy Locks — Creating Core Heat
The Bathroom Meditation Break
Sitting with Belly Button Toward the Spine
Chin to Chest for Stress Release
Internal Energy Drawing: How are you feeling right now?
Energy Right Now
The Gazing Points — Looking In & Looking Out
The Insight Collage
The Sun is Always Shining
The Journal Process
Flip the Coin Decision Making
Not my Dog

The Postures — Meditation in Motion
Body Scan
Children's Activities & Sports
Using the Wall: Legs Up the Wall
Using the Wall: Standing & Seated Postures
Yoga ALL Day!

Rest & Relaxation — Recharging Your Batteries
The Physical Body
The Energy Body
The Emotional Body
The Wisdom Body
The Bliss Body

Conclusion: Chocolate Yoga — The Truth
Click on the book cover to purchase:
Available as a paperback book
Chocolate Yoga Action Workbook, by Margaret Chester
First edition, 2012.
print ISBN: 978-0-9831882-2-3
Library of Congress Control Number: 2012950294

You are not alone, there are others on their way on the same track. The track may be narrow and steep and boring and frightening, but everybody walks on it. You are not alone, but linked to everything around you. - Zen wisdom

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