Margaret Chester, MPH, RYT

Margaret Chester always wanted to be a yoga teacher, but thought she couldn't teach until she was super skinny and could get her foot behind her head. After years of struggling with her stress and weight issues, she's still not skinny nor can she get her foot behind her head. The good news is that she is still discovering new pathways into the secrets to love, happiness, and peace.

When people ask Margaret how many times a week, she practices yoga, she likes to smile and say: "I try to practice 24 hours a day, seven days a week." Margaret centers her philosophy on: "If you can breathe you can do yoga."

She incorporates five ancient yoga techniques with a modern twist of looking for yoga opportunities as you go about your life. All these techniques are portable, can be done lying in bed, sitting in a chair or walking from one room to another. In fact, once you play with these ideas, you will see opportunities to practice where ever you are — home, office, traveling, visiting friends, or just sitting at home looking out the window.

Begin wherever you are.

Anyone can do these yoga techniques. And best of all, you already have this information within you. There is nothing new in this book. You already know this yoga. All you have to do is practice it. Best of all—it's free.

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Things To Do Today: Just breathe
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